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The following questions are answered below: 


- When is the iPhone Application coming out?

 - How much is a yearly membership on the MotionActor Directory?

- Can people email each other through MotionActor?

- Can I save a Short Cut icon to my smart-phone?

- Why does MotionActor list Unions other than SAG?

- Does MotionActor search quickly or slowly?

- Will MotionActor set up my profile if I don’t have time?

- Will MotionActor build and organize my Favorites list if I don't have time?

- Is there going to be a bunch of ‘random people’ registered on MotionActor, whereas my MoCap searches always come back cluttered up?

- What is the “MotionActor Certified” option?

- What if I see a profile that has false credits, nudity or other profanity?

- Why does MotionActor have an ‘other’ section? ~ Is this for non-union people?

- What is Build Your Own Book?

- Why is MotionActor so unique?

- Does MotionActor feature a MoCap professional on its home page, daily?

- Can I, or Production Companies, find MoCap Directors & Coordinators and 2nd Unit Directors on MotionActor?

- Why does MotionActor use YouTube embeds only?

- Why MotionActor is better than a printed Book?

- Is MotionActor compatible with the new iPad?

- What if I’m submitting my profile to a movie and I want to send a specific Photo or Video from my profile?  Can I do this?

- Why does every video open-up in a new Page or Window?

- Can you print my favorites list, and send it to me in Book format?

- What is the ‘MotionActor Side-Jobs’ listing? - (Coming Soon)

- What is ‘Coming Soon’ to MotionActor.com? 


When is the iPhone & Android Applications coming out?

Very soon, they will be availalb e from the App Store & Google Play! ;) 


How much is a yearly Membership / Subscription to the MotionActor Directory?

There are two packages to choose from:

Package 1: ONLY $99.00 per year includes 12 photos slots and 2 video slot.


Package 2: ONLY $199.00 per year includes 30 photos slots and 6 videos slots!

(Package 2: Is recommended FOR THOSE with additional videos: such as Acting Reels, Other Reels, Voice Over Reels, Live Performance Reels, Stage Reels, Training, Action Reels, Film, Television, Parkour, etc. etc, etc.  Whatever your unique MoCap talent may be, we encourage you to post it.  As you never know when a Video Game, Studio, Commercial or Major Motion Picture that needs Motion Capture, may call for it.

Having a video up is far better than nothing at all, so do what you need to, to showcase your talent!


If You would like to mail in a Check for Payment, here is the address:

Payable to: MotionActor.com, Inc

MotionActor.com, Inc., P.O. Box 6547, Woodland Hills, CA, 91365


Can people email each other through MotionActor?

Yes! This is a great way for people to reach out to others... and possibly get added to one’s Favorites Lists! (The favorites list is private, so no one can see your personalized MotionActor Short Lists!) Emailing each other profiles is much easier and faster than searching through the entire database for MoCap Professionals you know and trust.  MotionActor encourages our Members to search, find and email all the MoCap professionals they know & trust, so they can 'add' you to their favorites list.  Furthermore, as time passes, we all know how easy it is to loose sight of excellent MoCap professionals we’ve worked with in the past... ~ that said, email them your MotionActor.com profile!  If they are not on MotionActor, tell them to join, its less than One Night Out a Year (Pretty-Much).  With them on, you can have all their information at your fingertips!  


"Out of sight, out of mind."  Booked or not, keep your Face and Information updated in our Directory so people can see you, year round! 


IMPORTANT: MotionActor encourages people to NOT  “over email” Motion Capture Directors, Studios or Action Directors & Coordinators if you don’t know them personally.  If you do email them too much, you'll probably bother & irritate them, which will do more harm to YOU than good. 


No one wants to be bothered, and MotionActor doesn't want people to be bothered either, so lets be ethical and smart about submissions.  That said, send an email once, with a link to your MotionActor profile... and if they wish to add you to a Favorites List in their profiles, they will.  


Nevertheless, know that you will never know if they've added you or not -so don’t ask.  MotionActor profile Favorites List's are confidential, unless members wish to verbally share who is in their Lists.  It’s totally up to them though.  Again, no one will ever know if they’ve been added to a “Favorites List.” ~ This helps prevent certain... "drama."


Can I save the Mobile Website Application to my Android / Smart-Phone?

Yes you can!  As mentioned above, simply go to MotionActor.com in your phone's internet browser (such as safari, firefox or explorer) and simply save a link to your phone.  MotionActor will then be easily and instantly accessible from your smart-phone.   From there, simply click on the icon, like any smart-phone-application and MotionActor will directly launch on your phone!


You can save a ‘short-cut-icon’ of YOUR OWN MotionActor profile too!  Just follow the same steps above to “Save to Homescreen.”


Why does MotionActor list Unions other than SAG?

Well, with productions going World Wide, and MoCap Directors & Directors  & Coordinators finding the need to locate Local Motion Capture Actors & Professionals in their specific production area, MotionActor felt, in order to stay ahead of an inevitable Global MoCap Network, that it had to create a ‘one stop source’ for National and International Motion Capture professionals. 


MotionActor has made this possible! 


So by Listing many world wide Unions will pleasantly give the MoCap Coordinator, or Casting agent, the specifics they need to narrow their search criteria.  SAG/AFTRA is only one of many Unions out there.


Does MotionActor search quickly or slowly?

MotionActor is currently functioning on some of the most high-tech, technologically advanced servers modern day technology has to offer!  So even with thousands of videos being played on it simultaneously, MotionActor will load and run at optimum speed!


However, if you do find that your mobile phone service is running slow, unfortunately, that’s out of MotionActor’s control... and that’s something one needs to take up with their Mobile Service provider.  MotionActor can only function as fast as your service provider allows us to function.



Will MotionActor set up my profile if I don’t have time?



Here’s what you’ll need to mail:

-       Package (1) or (2)

-       Headshot

-       Resume

-       Additional pictures, still photos, in the suit, etc. (if any)

-       Your reel or Video links to YouTube or Vimeo

-       Your Direct Contact number

-       Your Email Address



-        Check payable to MotionActor.com. Inc... OR BETTER YET, simply pay via PayPal or our merchant account online, at MotionActor.com, then send us the info above and we'll get to work for you! ;)  


-       A charge of $99.00, for package 1, or $199.00 for package 2.  Again, Package 1 gives you 12 photos and 2 video. Package 2 gives you 24 photos and 6 videos!


All memberships that are paid via PayPal or Credit Card will be automatically set to renew each year!  Nevertheless, if this hinders you in a tough, future year, have no fear... within 10 days of the initial renewal, if you need that money placed back in your bank account, its as easy as point-and-one click for us.  Refunds will not be granted after the 10 day mark though... as we have a no-refund policy thereafter.


** Know that your personal information is totally safe with MotionActor.com as well!  MotionActor will never distribute your personal information outside hubly sources! 


- Again, You may also send checks to:  

MotionActor.com, Inc

P.O. Box 6547, Woodland Hills, CA, 91365

Please include headshot, resume and photos so we can build your profile for you... if you wish. ;)


Will MotionActor build and organize my Favorites list if I don't have time?

Yes! ~ Just email us a link of all your favorite Actors, and we'll find them on MotionActor (if they are registered).  We will then customize your favorites!  Give us the emails to actors you want us to reach out to professionally to get on MotionActor.com too. 


Is there going to be a bunch of ‘random people’ registered on MotionActor, whereas my MoCap searches always come back cluttered up?

NO.  As long as you are specific in your search criteria, your returned results will be right-on-point.  Though there will be a bunch of MoCap Professionals on this site, from many unions, from around the world, etc., the search criteria is all up to YOU, or whomever is searching.  The power is at your fingertips; you’re in control of ‘who’ pops up in your search.


Here’s an example: lets say, ‘a MoCap Director or Coordinator wants to find a Blonde Haired, Blue eyed, 6’0” tall, 205lbs “AFTRA’ Actor ...it’s up to the Director or Coordinator to specify those details in his/her MotionActor Search.  Remember, if one selects SAG/AFTRA, one will NOT get a bunch of non-union Actors in their search.


All that said, It really is simple to avoid a cluttered up search.     

Moreover, if you’d like to find really experienced MoCap professionals, simply select the “MotionActor Certified” button, and you’ll get the experienced talent you’re looking for.  

(To answer your question... read the next question :) 


What is the “MotionActor Certified” option?

“MotionActor Certified” is an option for those seeking very-experienced MoCap professionals.  After asking many top film and television MoCap Directors & Coordinators, “what is an experienced MoCap professional to you,” ~ this is what they came up with:


2 out of 3... of the following criteria: 


20 or more credits on their IMDB resume, or…

20 or more Days Booked (multiple TV episodes, games, films, etc) or…

At least 3 references from MotionActor Verified MoCap Directors or Directors & Coordinators. 


MotionActor will take the time to review every searchable profile on MotionActor!  MotionActor.com will then research them thoroughly, to see if they qualify to be included in the “MotionActor Certified” searches.  We will call MoCap Directors & Directors  & Coordinators, check the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB), etc, then MotionActor will personally ‘mark’ the individual profiles that fall in this category.


If you have not been marked as “MotionActor Certified” (you'll know if you don't show up in MotionActor Certified searches or if you do not see the Certifed Badge on your Profile), or if you feel that you should be in the “MotionActor Certified” listing, then please let us know by emailing MotionActor at: motionactor@usa.com



What if I see a profile that has false credits, nudity or other profanity?

MotionActor.com is a professional website, so we must get rid of all profanity.  Moreover, since you’re a professional using this professional directory service, it’s crucial that you let us know of any profane profiles.  MotionActor will be doing 'specialized searches' for these profiles as well.  Please abide by these rules, or your profile will be deleted.  MotionActor has a "No Refund" policy.


Once notified, MotionActor will first verify any allegations... if they are correct, MotionActor will move to delete and ban those members from MotionActor.com.  Furthermore, if you see someone being dishonest in their resume credits, please let MotionActor know and we’ll promptly review, reference, verify and if needed, remove those profiles too.  MotionActor has ZERO tolerance for DISHONEST RESUME CREDITS and ALL PROFANITY.


There are absolutely NO refunds; so if your profile is removed do to MotionActor’s terms and conditions being violated, it's not MotionActor’s responsibility.



Why does MotionActor have an ‘other’ section in Unions? ~ Is this for non-union people?

This is Simple.


~ Please read this answer in its entirety though, as it’s one of the most important questions for you to understand.  This is not just a complicated subject in the MoCap community, but its a complicated subject legally.


- First, have NO fear my fellow Union Members:

...non-union up-and-comers will NEVER show up in YOUR search results UNLESS YOU do a ‘non-union’ search selection.  It really is that simple to avoid this issue folks.  That said, simply select “SAG/AFTRA” or, select the Union Affiliation you’re looking for and you’ll find the registered MoCap Professionals you need for your project, be it Union or Non-Union.  Currently, unions are in negotiations, so all work is on the table still.


Again, it’s that simple. 


- Secondly, ‘other’ could mean a variety of things: i.e., non-union folks, or members of Unions not yet specified (like the new Motion Capture Union being formed) or even Extreme Sports specialty-guys who can do a back flip on a snowmobile, or ride a snow ski on a uni-cycle seat.  (Yes, they’re out there).


These ‘others’ may not be SAG/AFTRA at the moment, yet directors, producers, MoCap Directors & Coordinators and Studios sometimes request such unique talent for such unique shots.  Sometimes productions need talent that may not be a member of your union, or SAG, at the moment.  That said, this is why a category like this is needed. 

A prime example of this is a story MotionActor's founder heard where an Gaming Studio needed a guy who could actually do a back flip on a POGO Stick!  This unique talent was hard to find and there didn’t seem to be any MoCap Performers at the time that could do so?


So this Gaming Studio was caught in a tough spot and couldn't provide the talent in a timely fashion.  However, we’re happy to say that MotionActor will help change this by uniting needed talent under one umbrella! 


Thirdly, many extreme-sport-professional-athletes get their Union Card because they can do ONE trick that most MoCap pro’s cannot do (MotionActor heard this from MoCap Directors & Coordinators we've interviewed).  Nevertheless, directors, producers and studios sometimes request their specific talent and if the MoCap Directory or Coordinator cannot produce such talent, it reflects poorly on them. MotionActor is THE hub to find ‘whatever’ talented performer / professional YOU need.


~ All that said, and knowing that this may disappoint some people... please just think back to your beginnings:  ‘where we all were non-union.'  Again, at one point in our careers, we were working on non-union projects so we all know how it feels to be a non-union future-professional struggling to pursue our dreams. 

MotionActor wants to give everyone a shot to get some-sort of recognition... AND this FACT still remains:  the next generation of filmmakers, shooting in their back yards, or at Colleges and Universities around the world (USC, UCLA, etc), may someday need either a non-union MoCap player, or a Union MoCap Professional for their production. 


Wherever the next generation of filmmakers may spring-up in this country, or the world, sometimes, those filmmakers cannot use SAG/AFTRA members or other Union Professionals.  So lets give them a shot to get their projects done by allowing ‘others’ to join MotionActor. 


Remember, people will not show up in YOUR search results if you select the UNION AFFILIATION you want to search within.   


MotionActor can search your “Favorites” list first as well, and if you're SAG/AFTRA, I'm sure the vast majority of your favorites will be SAG too... so we encourage you to ‘Build your short lists’ by adding people to your Favorites List.


...and to conclude, this may-just-be the most serious of them all: for legal purposes, MotionActor cannot take the chance of receiving 'discriminatory lawsuits' by preventing people from joining an ‘employment based listing opportunity’ due to union criteria. ~ Your understanding is appreciated.


What is Build Your Own Short Lists?

Build your own book is one of the best features on MotionActor!  Registered MoCap professionals, MoCap Directors & Coordinators, casting directors and agents alike, can ‘ADD’ their favorite MoCap professionals to their “Favorites” folder!  Their 'private' favorites folder.  Then, whenever they do a MoCap search, their favorites will show up FIRST... and at the top, of their returned search results! (select this option)   


Also, every registered MotionActor members' “private folder" cannot be viewed by anyone, except you, the user.  This will avoid any quarrels about - who is in who’s Favorites List.  Again, your favorites folder can ONLY be viewed by you!


This is better than a printed book as 'The second you print a directory, it is outdated.'  Instead, simply use your computer, iPad, or smart phone... and access your digital favorites!  This option saves paper, money, time, is always updated and even allows you to review videos. ;)


Why is MotionActor so unique?

 MotionActor is very unique!  As mentioned above, it is the most technologically advanced (even patent pending) MoCap directory ever created.  Accessible from any smart phone in the world, using true mobile application technology and smart apps, MotionActor puts everything you need, right at your fingertips!


MotionActor allows you to view pictures, headshots, résumé’s... or watch reels!  All on your mobile phone, mobile device, ipad, or computer.  Furthermore, MotionActor.com registered users can easily update their profiles at anytime, for FREE!  Unlike other sites in the Entertainment world, there is no charge per picture, or per video... nor any charge for updating those pictures or videos!  And when you make those updates, they will sync with the MotionActor mobile-web-application & apps for course, almost instantly!


So update and modify your profile, at your leisure!


Does MotionActor feature a MoCap professional on its home page, daily?

MotionActor randomly selects 8  Motion Actors daily to “Feature" on MotionActor.com.  Actually, everyone accessing the site will see a separate group of Actors.  This is a great opportunity to get your profile out for the world to see!  Remember, “out of sight, out of mind” ...so this will be a helpful reminder to all! 


This "Featured Profile" element is just one, of the many added bonus’ MotionActor offers to its registered MoCap professionals.  So check back daily, as you n