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We are a Global, Motion Capture Actor Directory, here to serve the Global MoCap & Video Game Community!

With the ever-growing world of Motion Capture, MotionActor.com is a Powerful Performer & MoCap-Actor Directory! We are heavily connected in the world of MotionCapture and have already booked gigs in some of the Worlds LEADING Video Game Titles! You are Guaranteed to be seen by MoCap Directors of Multi-Million and even, Billion Dollar Video Game Franchises!

Moving beyond the accepted norm by inventing technology and refining current tech, MotionActor.com has proved its highly-effective, Global Motion Capture Actor Directory Model. Known for our proprietary technology and extremely personalized member service; we pride ourselves in community involvement, engagement and constant technological innovation. From “Featured Friday” talent promotions, to blog posts; from MoCap based sponsorships around the world, to IOS Apps & Android Apps (in stores soon); from wardrobe & size submitting, contract requesting, to Casting Codes by way of our Text-Tech, MotionActor.com has set its unifying stamp, all while streamlining the digital-casting-flow to make life better and easier for the MoCap Professional, MoCap Casting Directors and all other areas of MoCap Casting & Talent Organization.

At MotionActor.com, you’re not considered to be 'just a member, or just a number.' You are like family… and you’ll be treated as such. Simply ask around and you will know this to be true, as we will live it. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than hearing that you’ve booked a MoCap gig, or are being considered for a MoCap gig, or have in some form-or-fashion been helped by using our Powerful, Professional Platform. At MotionActor.com, we humbly welcome feedback and love to nurture ideas that will help us all, in a positive way, in this ever developing world of Motion Capture! So feel free to contribute such ideas, concepts & other information and we'll try to code it. Again, we're all in this together and MotionActor.com will not stop - "this is only the beginning!”

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